Regional Coordinators

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Lagos Centre
Mainland, Lagos.
+234 903 440 8069
Mon - Sat 10:00am-4:30pm
Abuja Centre
Wuye, Abuja
+234 806 276 5960
Mon - Sat 10:00am-4:30pm

Food Bank Nigeria Initiative (FBNI)

FBNI is a social service programme aimed at feeding about 18,500 Nigerians during this pandemic crisis & attending to the food scarcity prevalant in a number of household groups across the nation beyond pandemics.

  • We evaluate the resources needed.
  • We solicit for your support
  • We multiply our resources to scale further
  • We engage our bank heroes & beneficiaries for success
  • We monitor, evaluate, scale up and repeat the cycle...
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What is our Vision / Mission?

We aim at helping our local community to beat hunger & starvation by proving relief materials & empowerment to households.

Our mission is to provide households within our local communities with water, food & basic necessities for livelihood.

Our core values

- Service to humanity

- Compassion

- Diligence

- Willingness

Why are we doing this?

We believe that access to food is a paramount human need. We are committed to responding to the needs of our community through food distribution and support services.

Food Donation

Relief Materials

Amazing partners from different sectors provide us with support & empowerment to acquire & distrubute these resources to the communities.

Food Donation


Our primary target are individuals of the society with recurrent or current shortage of food supplies & capacity to feeding.

Food Donation

Bank Heroes

We open our doors of engagement to passionate, honest and transparent individuals committed to impact positively to the society. These are the heroes that assist in making sure the aids requests are fulfilled.

Food Donation


Donations of different kinds are essentials to us. Groceries, cash and other resources neccessary for the expedetion of our objectives are welcome.

Food Donation

Sponsors & Partners

Become a sponsor or partner to this worthy cause. From Sponsoring the meal of a single household member, to partnering with us in facilitating our operations across communities at different levels.

Food Donation

The Programs

Our Feeding programme is forefront of our core objective. However, we also exist to contibute our quota in making the society a better place, hence, other programmes are developed across other sectors in the society.

Testimonials from our community, stakeholders & more

These feedback help us scale further