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Lagos Centre
Mainland, Lagos.
+234 903 440 8069
Mon - Sat 10:00am-4:30pm
Abuja Centre
Wuye, Abuja
+234 806 276 5960
Mon - Sat 10:00am-4:30pm

About Us

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Who we are

Food Bank Nigeria Initiative is a non-profit intiative engineered at reducing the advervse effect of hunger & starvation to the society. We believe that in order for a vast number of less priviledged to access relief materials, we must come together with enthusiasm, compassion and the drive to contribute resources.

We are a network of passionate individuals who believes in the impact of collective support to our communities.

Our story


We aim at helping our local community to beat hunger & starvation by proving relief materials & empowerment to households.


Our mission is to provide households within our local communities with water, food & basic necessities for livelihood.

Core Values

- Service to humanity: Our Loving care for our families, communities, our nation and human race at large; This is a commandment at FBNI

- Compassion: Another propelling force is compassion for the less privileged in the society.

- Diligence: We discharge our duties diligently just as we would at any top-notch entity, cooperation or establishment.

- Willingness: All our energy comes from within, and excellence is manifested when the Willingness is natural.


We believe that access to food is a paramount human need. We are committed to responding to the needs of our community through food distribution and support services.

Hunger is an elaborate challenge.

Individuals with hunger issues(basic need or crisis) are frequently faced with other struggles, such as meeting other primary needs. These primary needs may include elements such as shelter, employment, healthcare etc. This is why we exist.

Big question! Who goes hungry?

Well, no one escapes hunger :) Hunger can affect people from all walks of life. Many Nigerians are one medical crisis, due to lack of proper nutrition & the prevalence of food insecurity – but some key set of people, such as children and the aged, may be at greater risk of hunger than others.


Household, individual & bodies impacted

Integrated Communities

Number of Integrated communities across the nation.

Bank Heroes Engaged

Number of Bank Heroes (Volunteers) trained and engaged in the programme

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